A Song In My Heart

Have you ever known a quiet person? They can seem disconnected from what is happening around them, sometimes in their ‘own little world’. Often sitting quietly on the sidelines, invisible, while others carry on with conversations, human interactions, boldly voicing what is on their minds, while the quiet one seems to have nothing valuable to add at all.

I know the disposition of the quiet one well. I was very, very shy as a child and very quiet. I was aware of how shy and timid I was, yet that’s just the way I was. I cannot tell you how many times I heard the remark “What’s the matter Robin? Can’t you talk?”. I hated it! Oh please, if you encounter a quiet child, do not say that! I remember shrinking deeper into my shyness at hearing that.

I did overcome a lot of my shyness by the time I was in high school. It felt so good to come out of that shell! Such freedom to speak and to laugh! I still retain the quieter nature that God wired in me, part of what makes me who I am, and I still hear people say from time to time how quiet I am. 

What’s difficult about being a quiet person? Being unnoticed and easily overlooked. Having valuable things to say and contribute but not feeling the freedom to share it. Getting lost in a crowd of people who speak boldly and often. Hearing what everyone else has to say but not having the opportunity or boldness to participate or interject in conversation. Being misjudged as unfriendly and unapproachable. 

What’s great about it? Well, as my teenaged son, who is also on the quieter side, stated, ‘when you’re quiet and everyone else is doing the talking, you learn a lot about people’. This is certainly true. We are great listeners! We ponder and think deeply about many things. And, when I am tired or preoccupied or upset, I can shrink back into my little invisibility shell and hide. This doesn’t sound like a benefit to being quiet, but sometimes, it’s just necessary.

So why does a quiet person want to write a blog? Because I have things to say! Because I believe that God uses us to encourage, inspire, to help each other through this journey of life. 

So this simple, sometimes quiet, farm-raised girl is going to share the songs in my heart, life moments and lessons, and what God lays on my heart to pass on. I hope to always be a blessing.

Until then,



18 thoughts on “A Song In My Heart”

  1. I also was like that. I always heard “smile” or “you should smile more”. When I thought all along that I was. You explain the experience to a “t”.

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  2. From one quiet, shy cousin to another, congrats on your blog. I am looking forward to many more. I was the girl who hardly spoke in school. One classmate wrote in my senior yearbook “I’ve gone to school with you for 12 years and only heard you speak 10 words.” One time I went out for pizza with my friend and her older sister and her friends. Midway thru dinner they ganged up on me and wanted to know why I didn’t talk much and finally decided it must be because my parents were divorcing and I was depressed or that I must be abused at home. Sometimes people won’t accept that we are just quiet and very shy. It’s not that we don’t talk, it’s just that we are selective about who we open up to, right? For me, it hs a lot to do with trust. If I don’t trust someone I am not going to feel comfy talking about anything personal with them.

    Here is a funny story. My dad is also a very quiet person, always a man of few words. In 6th grade my parents were called into a conference with one of my teachers. She said “Kelly is a wonderful student, very bright and always does her assignments and getting good grades”. So my dad sys “so what’s the problem?” She replies “The only problem is that she never speaks in class, she is much too quiet”. My dad stood up and said “when she has something to say she’ll say it” and walked out. Hahahaha!!!

    Good luck with the blog, love you!!

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  3. I find your voice very valuable. I may not have that strongly of a quiet personality, but if I’m going through stressful times or am biting my tongue (which can get you into trouble) I get quiet too. Sometimes it’s nice to just listen and sometimes it’s nice to be bold and vocal. Thanks for sharing! Glad to see you do something like this!

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  4. Being shy and introverted does fine tune some skills. It makes you a great observer of people and their behavior. Sometimes they truly forget you are even there, it is almost as if you become invisible and you get to know some people much better in those moments.

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    1. I agree. Most people that I have any length of contact with, I could go down a list of details I’ve learned about their life. But I often wonder how many things about me would they know. Is it because I don’t talk about myself as much, or is it because they aren’t interested in knowing?


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