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The Outhouse

It was about 3 years ago, I was busy in the house doing some chores, happy to just be home with the family enjoying the weekend. It hadn’t been too long since we had first moved in, and we were still making it our own.

My husband was outside, and after cleaning out the old garage that sat directly behind our little house, the entrance facing the alley, he was backing the boat into its home. It had been sitting on my sister’s property because our new small home didn’t have a place for it. I know my husband was very happy to be bringing it home at last.

Going into the kitchen, I looked out the window that faced our small backyard, and the back of the garage, and what did I see?

The boat motor protruding thru a very large, cut-out hole in the garage wall! What?!

What did he do?!   (flabbergasted, can’t-believe-my-eyes laughter inserted here)

Yep, the garage measurement wasn’t quite adequate to fit the boat AND the outboard motor. Well, that’s a problem! So what’s a guy to do?….You make it fit! (Still laughing as I write this lol)

Now, we had NOT put up our privacy fence yet and, bear in mind, we live on one of the main streets running through our little town, in clear view of anyone who happens to be driving by.

Oh! I could only imagine our neighbors’ disbelief as they too looked out and saw that! We had already gotten to know a few of the adjacent neighbors, and I knew they all had a sense of humor, thank goodness, and had to be laughing and just couldn’t wait to see what Andy was going to do next.

No, I didn’t get upset. It was just too comical for that.

So now what? We needed a solution. The boat was not going to fit anywhere else.      

Well, let’s build around it then! When you get lemons, you make lemonade, right?!

Here was his solution. We affectionately call it ‘The Outhouse’. And you know what?


I love it!



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