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Passenger of Life

Daily Prompt – Passenger

Now days, life is often described as a journey. If that is the case, should I be the driver or the passenger? 


In my married life, when we are traveling in the car, especially if we are driving any significant distance, my husband has always done the driving. The times I’ve offered to, he says, ‘No that’s ok, I’m fine”. So I sit back, enjoy the scenery, and snooze if it’s a long trip and I get tired. I don’t worry, I know he will get us safely to our destination.

Being the passenger isn’t so bad. But, there are a few down-falls. For instance, if I haven’t been paying attention, I won’t know the way to where we are going. And I don’t have any control of the wheel. I can give input and opinions, but other than that, I’m just a backseat driver.

If my role is the driver, sure I can see a blurb of some of the sites along the way, but I have to stay focused on what’s straight a head. I’m in charge, the responsibility to get myself and my cargo safely to its destination is in my hands. I cannot get distracted, or daydream, or look away from the road.

However, I can go wherever I want. I can get side-tracked or take a detour. But if I get lost or get in an accident because of my error in judgment, I am responsible.


When I think about it through my Christ-follower eyes, I think my choice would be passenger. Because I want my life to be directed and guided by my Creator. I want God to take me to the destination that he has planned for me, because I know it will be better than anything I could ever imagine!


My input and thoughts along the way are valuable to Him and He wants me to enjoy the ride! 

Oh sure, sometimes I get in the driver’s seat and I go the way that I choose. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes I just get myself in a predicament.

But God is always right there, ready to take over and set me back on the right road. We laugh sometimes, we share the joy and the tears of it all.

It’s not always fun. There are some dark roads here and there and I get a little scared or worried about it, but He listens when I need to get something off my mind.

All in all, it’s a good journey, and I wouldn’t want to take the trip with anyone else.
Here’s a great song written and sung by my sister, about the road of life. I know you will love it!

Wheel of My Life – written & sung by Debbie Skinner


(Photos –


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